Vietnam to focus on stabilizing economy, inflation

growth113710[1]Vietnam has been suffering through high inflation due to the Worldwide reccession, that has been plaguing the area for over two years. However, the gov’t has tried to slow down interest rates in the country by encouraging exports to strengthen the economy, and increase in foreign currency reserves. Due to these precautions, the Vietnamese economy has increased 5.3% percent last year. Vietnam will then try to lower interest in loans and credit, in order to increase the economy.

One thought on “Vietnam to focus on stabilizing economy, inflation

  1. I think that it is wonderful to see a country like Vietnam be successful in what many thought to be the worst reccession since the Great Depression. Maybe the United States should follow Vietnam’s footsteps in order to recover. I also think that it shows Vietnam’s compassion for its people, especially lowering loans and credit for their citizens.

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